Scholarship Fund

Your donation will help to support students across the university

£10k will provide 10 scholarships...

£100k will provide 100 scholarships, enabling even more students to complete their studies

Scholarships offer a lifeline to students, ensuring that further and higher education is accessible to all. We want your help to enable more students to increase their skills and knowledge, providing a greater pool of future business leaders and sector experts.

Encourage more young people to remain in education

Help them progress through their studies and realise their goals

Instil confidence and provide lifelong skills

Support talented individuals to strive and thrive

Scholarship Fund

TARGET £100,000

PLEDGE £1000


Support one student for one year. Benefits as below, plus access to business courses and discounts on management training.



As below, plus access to student placements and ability to advertise positions to our students and graduates.



Your name or company name on our online donor wall plus recognition in our annual report. Invitations to regular university events, talks and seminars.

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